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NAME The ultimate goal of the company is to provide services for any type of organizations, in order to aid the incorporation of good benchmarking practices (sectoral, national or international) in their information management policies, technological aspects, procedural and/or human support to their business, promoting the adoption of postures (business) in compliance (compliance / comply) with these benchmarks, and cumulatively in accordance with internal requirements, customers, legal or otherwise. Focus to Comply -> Focus on Compliance !!!! WHY? There is a clear gap in the global business community, regarding the approximation of its operational management vision and inherent to the business activities, in the adoption of internationally accepted good practices for optimizing investments (internal and external) on information security management purpose, that promote continuous improvement allowing to manage indicators and fundamental, allowing to manage and act with a focus on achieving compliance with something (manage based on achieving objectives (internal and external) on conformity and established, measurable and reported correctly). The new company focuses its activities in the market, the management of confidentiality, integrity and availability (CIA - Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability) of INFORMATION to support any business, promoting the identification of outstanding requirements on this information and promoting the adoption solutions (management or other) so as to respond adequately and demonstrate internally and to third parties as the organization responds to these same requirements. The increasing amount of information and diversity of deployment of resources, processing, preservation and sharing of the business support information (Cloud's, IoT, networks, pens, people, etc ....) requires a holistic approach, conscious and manageable, allowing adequately safeguard of the CIA information requirements management that the organization uses. MAIN COMPETENCE UNITS Design and development services with a focus on: - Management Systems - IT Security - Core network infraestructures (communication technologies) MAIN SERVICES Development projects (services): Auditing (verification of compliance with requirements...), Consulting (identification requirements, design and design solutions that respond and allow managing the response to requirements) and Training (skills development) focused on: Risk Management; Security Information Management; Management of Business Continuity; Management of Privacy and Personal Data Security; Management / IT Services; Computer Security Infrastructure Management; Infrastructure Management ICT All these services are based (designed) in intervention contexts supported by management rules and/or recognized good practice in the market segment. ADJECTIVES TO QUALIFY THE COMPANY High Professionalism; High competence; Experience high; Focus on Standards; Focus on continuous improvement; Sobriety; Transparency; Methodical; Consultant; Auditor. FUTURE? To be recognized as a reference company, in services related to the Compliance Management (in information security frameworks, business continuity, cloud security, etc ...) TARGET Any type of organization of any industry. All those who have to support information management regarding their business and concern about their CIA.



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