Curvy BBW Dating -a Logo Design Contest by bschalkx

Creative Brief

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Company or website name

Curvy BBW Dating

Slogan or Tagline

Live Life. Laugh Together. - (the tagline MAY be optional if constraints are too difficult )

Describe your company and organization and target audience

We are a serious relationship site specializing in the Plus Size community for the last 7 years. The audience demographic is 30+ years old, 55% male / 45% female, accomplished, employed, well educated, engaged with our social media and marketing efforts. They have become customers and social friends because we approach the dating world differently. We engage people with being transparent, upfront, honest and approachable. We are distinctively different from our competitors in our approach that can be seen from the way our website's homepage is designed to be informative. Our social media approach is friendly using memes like regular people do. Our customers/friends applaud us for it. FYI: bbw=big beautiful women

The design should have the following

Logo MUST have the sense of energy, warmth, passion, simplistic sophistication, boldness, Trust, connectivity, togetherness Must embody the statement of Live Life - Laugh Together.
Clean design that is distinctive and memorable. Eye-catching with instant recognizability whether it be a colour, shape or a combination. The biggest constraint is on the homepage the logo is 200pixels long by 60 pixels high (200px60px) that is the biggest challenge we have had. The use of the logo on memes probably won't be much bigger. Readable fonts are a must. Looks good in colour and black and white.
The heart shape is overused. If you google logos for dating sites you find a sea of hearts. We are uniquely different in our approach. Read our homepage and you will get a feel of who we really are.
***FYI*** - Food for Thought: Other symbols that are associated with love are the - Seashell, dove, swan, Kokopelli flute, harp, apple, cheribs, arrow, rose, tulips and diamonds. To name a few. We are extremely open to originality and being different.

This logo will be used for

  • Online (Website, facebook etc.)
  • Merchandise (mugs, t-shirts etc.)

This design should not have this in the entries

No sexual illustrations or condemnations.

The value sliding bar below we have noticed keeps resetting back to neutral selections. You may not be seeing what we have selected, therefore we will be attaching a screenshot to this brief.

Colors to use in the design

Only use 2 colours. A third colour very minimal and ONLY if required to pop design.

Prominent colour Blue or Black or Dark grey - but we are open to all dark colours as a prominent colour (ie. dark rusty red) there's an example of it in one of the submissions, but it worked with the wordmark design. So we're open to creativity. We don't want to paint you into a corner.

Secondary colours: Light grey or dark grey or blue or green or orange. Again keeping options open.

Briefly describe your contest

Attract - Impact - Abstract - When a literal logo just can't cut it. This is why we also included illustrative designs.