Certified Responsible Design Contest -a Logo Design Contest by Erns

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Certified Responsible Design Contest

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Better Companies. Better World.

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Remember that the core of our business is certifying companies that are committed to corporate social responsibility. Corporate social responsibility is made up of three disciplines: (1) Environment – how a company impacts the environment; (2) Socia

The design should have the following

We are looking for two designs: 1) Logo w/ tagline. This will be our logo and tagline for use on our website and other marketing collateral. We want the logo to imply a sense of credibility, trust, assurance and reliability. We want the logo to look formal, simple and elegant. 2) Certified Responsible seal. This will be the icon (seal) that is placed on websites that meet our corporate social responsibility standards. In the same way that Verisign’s logo (http://www.verisign.com/) is incorporated into its seal, we would also like our seal design to be highly aligned with the logo design.

This logo will be used for

This design should not have this in the entries

Our Certified Responsible seal will be awarded to various types of online businesses (e.g. Diapers.com, Zappos.com, JCrew.com, BestBuy.com). The seal must be appealing to business owners, and it also needs to resonate with online shoppers, and speci

Colors to use in the design

The following images represent other seals that exist in the marketplace: BizRate: http://akamaipix.crutchfield.com/our-story/awards/bizrate.gif B Corporation: http://www.bettertheworld.com/images/uploads/adimage-bcorp.gif Green Seal: http://www.cloverdalepaint.com/home_owners/images/green_certified.jpg VeriSign: http://www.gms.ca/assets/img/Infrastructure_Graphics/verisign_secured_no_SSL.gif Hacker Sage (McAfee): http://www.singlemuslim.com/media/img-NA153-150-150.jpg Green Seal: http://www.heatingandcoolingnj.com/images/greenseal.gif

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Logo/Seal for Certified Responsible