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I'd like 'bookology' to be a rich mid brown and the bookends to be EITHER warm mustard yellow or teal. I'm also open to other ideas, so please use your creativity! Please use the retail store Anthropologie as inspiration too, as their style really ep

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My vision for the logo is to have 'bookology' in all lower-case letters, in a somewhat blocky yet also distinctly feminine font. Either end of 'bookology' I would like some sort of cute, girly bookend. I'm thinking something swirly, similar to a '&'. The idea is that the blockiness of the show title - 'bookology' - would be offset by the femininity of the 'bookends'. I am also open to having 'bookology' written as 'book-ology', so feel free to try it that way if that inspires you more!

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Viewers of the show are likely entrepreneurs who are looking for ways to improve their business through unconventional methods. Age range late twenties to early fifties.

Colors to use in the design has some nice vintage-style graphics, colors and fonts that are along the same vein as the tv show and could be used for inspiration.

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New Quirky TV Show for Business Books