BeyondStem -a Logo Design Contest by elady

Creative Brief

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Company or website name


Describe your company and organization and target audience

This is a medical company that injects Cytokines into the body to regrow and repair tissues (like when a person has a herniated disc or it is also used for many other diseases and anti-aging). The Cytokines come from STEM CELLS.

The design should have the following

I would like at least some of you to try using a twisted image (see image below, sorry couldn't find a vector file, only could find this jpg) for some part of one of the letters of "BeyondStem" (not for all of them but one or two of them) and then the client asked if we could do the same twisted "ribbon" behind or WINDING in and out of the letters "BeyondStem". (see sketches attached). Another option would be to have a cell with the little cytokines coming out of it (see image below with blue cell and pink "dots" coming out of it). OR IF YOU GUYS HAVE SOME BETTER IDEA PLEASE FEEL FREE TO USE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you.

This logo will be used for

  • Online (Website, facebook etc.)
  • Print (business cards, letterheads, brochures etc.)

This design should not have this in the entries

Do not use initials in this logo.

Colors to use in the design

The client would like blues - in the image i sent you that cell is blue with kind of a pink/purple. That is an option to show them in the first round.

Briefly describe your contest

Logo for Doctor - using Stem Cells & Cytokines