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Company or website name Inc.

Slogan or Tagline


Describe your company and organization and target audience

You can view our current logo at to get a sense of not necessarily what we want, but of the general idea of professionalism we would like to convey. We ask that the colors please remain identical to our current logo -- green, blue, and bl

The design should have the following

The prize is $500, so we're not looking for a cookie cutter design here. Something original, something unique, something that stands out from the crowd and identifies with BQB's target audience -- domain name investors who are fed up with paying exhorbitant commissions, having second rate service, and being fed the same excuses. Please feel free to utilize full creative freedom in the design of our new logo -- we're looking for something fresh and new and that just may be what you have to offer!

This logo will be used for

This design should not have this in the entries

BQB's target audience are people currently investing in domain names or people interested in investing in domain names. This includes hobbyists, aspiring professionals, and professional domain investors.

Colors to use in the design No slogan in this new logo please however.

Briefly describe your contest $1000.00 Logo Contest