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Avanti Realty Group

by avantirealtygroup

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Congratulations to winner madskill ! They were awarded the contest prize of $300.00


designbuddha Creative
I kind of frown upon designers that submit logos like Deathmask's way. Perhaps Deathmask copied this from somebody else but nevertheless it just bugs me.
deathmask Creative
@designbuddha: what's wrong with the way i submitted my work mate? Care to share?
karttii Creative
SEE MY ENTRY'S 199960,199961,199963,199965,202116,202129
gozzi Creative
feedback ...please...
eGraphicx Creative
hey designbuddha, You frown at the way deathmask submits his work. What the heck are you talking about? I really like deathmask's designs, are you jealous or something?