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Amuza is a special community-oriented space where individuals and families meet to create, discuss, play, learn, and share. Amuza is also an intergenerational center where you will find adults-only classes, children-only classes, as well as grandparents/parents-children classes. You can come by yourself, come with friends or even choose to attend a class while your child is occupied with their own workshop. Our facilities consist of two big rooms, one for kids activities, and the other for adults activities. The experienced staff provides original workshops and classes around various subjects such as arts, craft, science, health, communication, business/marketing, and more. The space is also used for special evenings for the community, with music nights, drinks and food tastings, movie nights etc. We are located in a building full of very diverse companies that meet and mix and complement each other, creating a fusion of art, craft, health and business. Our primary focus is to provide a fun learning and playing community environment in a relaxed atmosphere.

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Hello creators! We are looking for a fun and modern logo design for our company. Our goal is not to have something fresh and exciting! We don't really like the typical school or amusement kid friendly logo. Though this center will be involving kid activities, and lots of them, we still feel they don't necessarily only enjoy balloons and painted hands. We want you to dig into your creative minds and really see what you feel through your design. What do you feel when you are in a space where all generations meet, where you can take a photo class as well as a social media class while doing a wine tasting? How do you feel when you see yourself enjoying fancy teas while listening to ambient music jams by experienced musicians on an early summer evening, while your kids (if you have them) are doing some cool art exploration in the other room? This is what we'd like to see through your designs. We want to see your best art, your crazy side, your feelings in an original logo that we will proudly expose everywhere! :) Please use AMUZA as the main title, the rest is up to you! THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR TIME AND ENERGY!

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