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Nighttime cravings need to be addressed Approx 70% of Americans have a snack between dinner and bed. The most popular choices are cookies, chips, ice cream, and candy. Everybody knows these aren't good for you, but the cravings are powerful. Accepted healthy options (carrot sticks, rice cakes, yogurt) aren't satisfying. So, people turn to junk NightFood nutrition products fill this gap in the marketplace. NightFood is formulated to satisfy nighttime cravings on fewer calories and in a healthier way, so you don't have the guilt associated with eating junk at night, and you don't feel restricted or deprived like you do when eating carrot sticks. NightFood is delicious, filling, and only 140 calories. Convenient and portion controlled, NightFood is the perfect nighttime snack, even formulated to help you sleep better too.

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