The Cognitive Complexity Lab -a Graphic Design Contest by yoedkenett

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The Cognitive Complexity Lab

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I am the head of the Cognitive Complexity lab at the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management at the Technion - Israel institute of Technology. My lab uses empirical and quantitative research methods to study the role of knowledge in high-level cognition, such as creativity, associative thinking, and memory search, in typical and clinical populations. This is achieved via the application of computational tools from mathematical graph theory and computational linguistics (Natural Language Processing)

The design should have the following

I am writing an extremely important and large application for grant funding from the EU. I am looking to design a figure of the layout of my research for this proposal. This figure should include four parts: 1. The main first stage of the project is to conduct cognitive assessment, focusing on creativity, intelligence, and personality, at the population level - collecting data from hundreds of thousands of people from the EU in various languages. This is achieved by developing and using online games for such large scale cognitive assessment. The establishment of this data collection platform and collecting the data will lead to three specific applications (the three other parts of the proposal): 2) Creativity phenotyping - identifying cognitive profiles that relate to various professions and domains, which will be the basis for the development of a creativity quotient, similar to IQ 3) Creativity prediction - building machine learning models to predict individual differences in creativity - who is more or less creative, and in what way. 4. Creativity recommendations - building a machine learning recommendation system to recommend creative activities, lifestyles, domains, to increase well-being and happiness. parts 2-4 are independent projects, but are all based on the results of part 1. Thus all of these details need to be clear to convince the funding agency to fund my proposal.

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Developing a process model figure for a unique research on population level creativity, focusing on creativity phenotyping, prediction, and recommendation