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by Clyde

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Describe your company and organization and target audience Helping people find answers to life's most difficult questions.

The design should have the following

Engrave this prayer in a granite tablet. Granite preferred but will consider other materials. It must look chiseled with good depth. It must be centered text. The heading "Prayer" must be font size 111. The remainder text sized to fit the tablet. Preferred font for text is ChalkboardSE-Bold. Will consider alternate fonts. In the lower right corner there will be engraved existing logo graphic. The end result must grab people to want to read it and have the need to click on it and save it.
Here is the text to be used. Must be centered, no modification to the words or sentences.
NOTE: th logo must be used as is. Do not try to change the font of the iyoutome logo.

Our God, the universal force,
Grant onto us every day,
balance, harmony, peace,
tranquility and Love.
We honor our foremothers and forefathers,
and ask them for guidance.
In your spirit we will always provide,
abundance for all,
treasure all life as if it were our own,
be faithful to our promises and,
respect and love our family,
neighbors and friends and,
guide them to this prayer.

Will require the raw data to change the text for future items, including changing the background.

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Prayer Engraved on a Tablet.