Postal Advocate Inc -a Graphic Design Contest by postaladvocate15

Creative Brief

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Company or website name

Postal Advocate Inc

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Describe your company and organization and target audience

Postal Advocate is a managed service provider of mail audit and recovery services that manages the mailing and shipping spends for some of the largest organizations in North America. Our target market is large organizations with 50+ locations across the US or multiple mediums in which they send their physical communications.

The design should have the following

See attachment for concept. On the screen, in the background, a faded image of US/Canada. The person should be smaller and the middle circle more centered to allow for more space above. In the center circle, "Enterprise Shipping & Mailing" Scattered across in the circles, stamps, envelopes, packages, permits all around demonstrating that mail/packages are moving all across the US/Canada and the middle brings it together. I would like this in powerpoint as well with editable text area.

Briefly describe your contest

Image that conveys our new core value proposition in a clear and concise format.