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PknLexp Csrtofqes

by cmitchell

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Winning entry by DORIANA999

Company or website name

PknLexp Csrtofqes

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Describe your company and organization and target audience

Target Audience can be described as strong, reliable, durable, resilient, independent, resourceful, greasy, loyal, and fierce and is most like to fall within the following demographics:
 Primarily Male
 Average age 39.4
 Average Salary $38,367
 Problem solvers
 Avid Do-It-Yourselfers
 Most likely has a beard and tattoos

The design should have the following

WHERE: The logo will be used in multiple applications but primarily as a packaging sticker. So everything enclosed in one place would be helpful like a circle or square or triangle with the symbol and words inside.
1. Lifestyle Symbol that is easily transferable from color to black and white

CONSIDERATIONS: No nudity, No profanity, No offensive text or symbols. The name of the Brand name will not be disclosed to the final round as a placeholder please use the following PknLexp Csrtofqes
o Please make all initial concepts in Black and White, you can include color but please provide just black and white at minimum.

Briefly describe your contest

Looking to develop a symbol that represents a lifestyle. When you see the symbol you immediately think of the following words: Strong, Reliable, Durab