Inlet Realty -a Graphic Design Contest by Cjphomes

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Company or website name

Inlet Realty

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Describe your company and organization and target audience

We are a real estate company

The design should have the following

I am looking for a graphic to display how our business model works. This will be 4 feet X 4 feet on the wall of our office to use as a training tool.

The main part of the design should be a colorful pie chart with the following categories in any order that looks good:
Property Management
Resale listings
Land/New Construction

Please label these categories somehow. Property management and buyers should have slightly larger pieces than the others in the pie graphic.

I need the graphic to have arrows that point from one piece of the pie to another and there are a lot of them. I need this to look like a big spinning storm of arrows, like a hurricane. Here is the list of arrows:
Renters points to buyers
Property management points to buyers
Land/New constructions points to resale listings
Property management points to resale listings
Property management points to renters
Buyers points to resale listings
Resale listings points to buyers
Buyers points to property management
Flips points to property managment
Flips points to itself with a double spinning arrow

Arrows need to point in from outside the graph at Property managment, renters, land/new construction and flips

I have attached two sketches of what I'm looking for but be creative!!

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Graphic design contest - training diagram