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This is a project for two of my best friends. They are wonderful people who have taught me a lot about being a friend, having fun and being a great couple. Anyway, their last names are Griffin and Klonhammer, so together they are just Griffhammer. They are legendary for their parties and their boat trips. That\\\'s what this is about. They recently got married and they recently bought a boat. So, I would like to have somoene help me create a few things. 1. A shield/crest design (I\\\'m going to get this put onto a ring or on slippers or on shirts) 2. A Flag Design (I\\\'m going to get a flag made, to be displayed at parties and to be flown on the boat.) 3. A stencil design that mimic\\\'s the above. (This could be stenciled on the boat.)

The design should have the following

I think the obvious things to include are A griffin and a hammer. Other than that, I\\\'m open to any amount of complexity or simplicity that make sense. Ideally, the same design would be echoed in each of the designs (shield, flag and stencil). If that\\\'s impossible, then I think the shield and flag should be similar and the stencil can be something slightly different. They both met and live in Amsterdam. The boat is in Amsterdam. It\\\'s not necessary, but maybe if you\\\'re looking for something else to add, then I think the xxx of amsterdam or some orange colours might be interesting. (Although not absolutely necessary.) Their family motto is ARRIBBA!

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