Greenhome Solutions of GA AND Tate Mechanical -a Graphic Design Contest by

Creative Brief

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Company or website name

Greenhome Solutions of GA AND Tate Mechanical

Describe your company and organization and target audience

We are 2 companies that are working together to make homes as energy efficient as possible. Currently we specialize in testing, weatherization, insulation, and energy efficient Heating and Air systems. We are in the process of moving towards building energy efficient homes and adding more contractors to our group to have the most energy efficiency conscious contractors working together to build and retrofit homes to the highest efficiency standard using the newest technology available.

We hope to target homeowners that are energy conscious and understand the benefit of spending money now to save in the long run and home buyers who are looking for the most energy efficient housing available.

The design should have the following

The logos should be compatible with one another. We need a 6X6 Sign with Tate Mechanical & Greenhome Solutions of GA taking up the top 6X4 of the sign. The remaining 2 feet should list the following services:

Heating & Air
Home Inspection

We are open to different combinations for the 2 companies and the list. Tate Mechanical should be either above or even with Greenhome Solutions of GA and of similar sizing.

The entire sign should give the impression of companies working together to make your home as energy efficient as possible or build the most energy efficient home on the market.

I have included an image of our current logo which can be used and a companion for Tate Mechanical Designed to complement the current logo or a complete redesign of the Greenhome Logo to pair with the new Tate Mechanical logo. I have also included a logo style for the heating and air company that we like for reference.

***the design should still clearly show that it is 2 seperate companies***
The company names can be side by side or all the way across so one ends up above the other

What we DO NOT want: Combined Logos... Identical or very very similar logos

Briefly describe your contest

Design something Different! Partner companies working together to make and build energy efficient housing.