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Carmi Flavors

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Us: We are a Flavor and Fragrance company and an industry leader in supplying custom flavors and fragrances to the food and beverage industry. We are dedicated to enhancing consumer products through innovative and business-wise ingredients, finished specialty products and professional grade equipment. We understand that the core of our business is our solid client relationships and we pride ourselves in our ability to provide personal service to each and every one of our customers. Target audience: We sell our flavors to the entire food industry (Ads will be run in print ads/magazines as well as digital ads, so there are sizing requirements) The design should have the following This contest is for Holiday themed for Cami Flavor magazine advertising. We are looking for HOLIDAY theme as well as for NEW YEARS and general ones we can use throughout the year. It must contain: 1) our Carmi Flavors logo with "We Flavor The World... Let Us Flavor Yours" on it. This should not be altered. 2) 3) E-Mail: 4) Contact us today for all your flavoring needs ***(Contact info is listed below) *See link for images of company logo (NOT to be changed) 5) Easily readable font (not too fancy or cursive) and have color contrast to not lose sight of the important info. We are running full and half page ads in magazines and online. They should be bright and catch your eye, appetizing, visually appealing, professional for other businesses to view. Sizing of ads 1) Full Page Ad: non-bleed, Trim: 7.3125" x 10", Bleed: 0", Safety: 0.125 in from trim edge 2) 1/2 Horizontal Ad: Trim 7.3125" x 4.875", Bleed: 0", Safety: 0.125" in from trim edge 3) 1/2 Vertical Ad: Trim: 3.5625" x 10", Bleed: 0", Safety: 0.125" in from trim edge 4) 8 inches wide x 10.875 inches tall PDF/X-a file High Res, 300 DPI Minimum ******* We are doing 2 sets of ads, 1 for Canada and one for the US which have different contact info ********** ****** US: Phone: (800) 421-9647 Email: (Please spell as "Flavors" not "Flavours") ******* Canada: Phone: (866) 468-9800 Email:

The design should have the following

Cartoon to promote flavors sales plus the contact info listed above with our company "Carmi Flavors" logo

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We are posting ads in magazines geared towards other commercial businesses. We sell flavors to companies that use our flavors in their food & beverages (all kinds: sweet, savory, etc) and seek cartoons that can promote our flavors & business that catch people's attention without being too cluttered/busy.