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Our company provides carwashes to customers who drive up in their cars or trucks. We have a number of different levels of wash that vary in price and detail of services provided. The hand finished washes vary in price from $13.95 for the "Basic" to $39.95 for the "RVA Hot Was". The order and services provided are as follows: We present the options to customers using a sign about 6 feet high and 2.5 feet wide with the following graphics... The sign is very confusing and hard to read so we would like a series of pictures or symbols or images that can quickly convey the concept of clean, cleaner, cleanest for the washes as they increase in price. We can supplement the pictures with words describing the additional services with each wash, but many customers are trying to make a quick decision while they're in their car, so we'd like the images to help them understand their options quickly and make a decision.

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Ideally the images would prompt a customer to trade up to the higher priced washes, but we don't want the image for the "basic" wash to be perceived as inadequate (i.e. they'll still get a clean car even if they choose the basic wash). Please use your imaginations. There are no bad ideas! There does not necessarily have to be a separate image for each wash - maybe it could be a scale or single graphic that shows clean, cleaner, cleanest? We're not tied to any particular format for the images and we may need to recreate them to get them to fit on a sign - new ideas are our most important need.

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Car Wash Decision Support Image(s).