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Cape Cod Blue Economy Project

by capecodblue

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Cape Cod Blue Economy Project

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The Blue Economy Project is an economic development effort to grow the maritime industry of the Cape Cod region, as well as foster new opportunities. These graphics will be used in a report to our regional funding authority.

The design should have the following

We need four icons to represent the four focus areas of our project:

• Vibrant Maritime and Technology Economy
• Healthy Water, Healthy Communities
• Prepared and Educated for the Future
• 21st Century Infrastructure

The icons should reflect the style of the Blue Economy logo.

Details about each area:

1. Vibrant Maritime and Technology Economy
The Cape Cod region has historically been a center of maritime industries and has played a significant role in our understanding of water ecosystems. This work area will grow the economic contribution of these sectors in the region through continued innovation and investment into new and emerging sectors.

2. Healthy Water, Healthy Communities
The entire economic well-being of our communities relies on healthy water resources. Strategic investments that support clean water, working waterfronts, and access to water are vital to sustaining our Blue Economy. Recognition of the role that the environment plays in our regional economy is at the core of our growth plan.

3. Preparing and Educating for the Future
Though a highly educated workforce exists in certain areas of the region, the overall “all-ages” educational and workforce development resources must align to the needs of the growing economy. As a living laboratory for many of the world’s pressing challenges, the region is well suited to career preparation and exporting our knowledge in expanding blue economy fields.

4. 21st Century Infrastructure
Current regional infrastructure was built to support the tourism economy of the last 100 years. With changing population and use patterns and a need to support traditional and emerging maritime or water-based activities, long-term investment in modern, resilient infrastructure will result in economic growth in Blue Economy sectors.

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Cape Cod Blue Economy Project Icons