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Admiral REALTORS® is a real estate firm established in 2007 and a proud member of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION of REALTORS® (NAR). We want a new REAL ESTATE SIGN PANEL aka MAIN YARD SIGN. We will upload the winning entry for printing at:

There are many excellent examples from which to base your entry - go to the Oakley Sign website link to view hundreds of similar Yard Sign designs to base your entry upon.

The design should have the following

This contest is for 24" wide x 30" high Real Estate Yard Sign(s).

Other sizes include 24" wide x 18" high small Real Estate Yard Sign(s) with two (2) 24" wide x 6" high sign riders; One for AGENT NAME, and the other for AVAILABLE or (206) 381-2000.


We are wanting a sign graphic design. A sign that hangs from posts in the front of a house. For example, "FOR SALE" "Call Joe Agent" at "(206) 381-2000"


Do NOT enter a logo design only. Acceptable logos for use have been uploaded to this design brief and are shown at the bottom of this page.

All entries that cannot be sent directly to a sign shop for printing on a 24”x30” aluminium or MDF (wood) board will not be considered.

design should have the following:
Two (2) similar real estate company signs:

1) Residential Sign Design; Blue, Gold or Black for primary use, e.g. Admiral REALTORS®.
2) Commercial Sign Design; Red, Blue or Black for department use, e.g. Admiral COMMERCIAL.

Submit entries that are similar to the examples found here:

Key phrases may include: AVAILABLE, FOR SALE, FOR LEASE.


Download the block "R" Admiral logo(s) available at the links provided below.

You may change the block "R" logo to modify the term "REALTOR®" (singular) to "REALTORS®" (plural) if the term is used beneath the stylized "R" in a particular design entry.

Use the registered trademark symbol "®" (superscript) after the term "REALTORS" (capitalized) if used.

Futura Black is the typeface of the stylized "R" in the block "R" logo.

Avant Garde Light is the typeface of the term "REALTOR®" identifier in the block "R" logo, and is recommended for adjacent copy.

The following typefaces were chosen by NAR for their maximum compatibility with Avant Garde Light, the typeface used for the term REALTOR® identifier as it appears under the block "R" logo. They are also recommended for adjacent copy because of their clear, clean graphic character.

Helvetica Light
Helvetica Medium
Helvetica Bold
Univers 45 (Light)
Folio Light
Folio Medium
Folio Bold

Use NAR's membership marks correctly and according to the rules outlined in the Logos and Trademark Rules, and Membership Marks Manual, available at:

Logos and Trademark Rules:

Membership Marks Manual:

NAR's marks include, but are not limited to, block "R" logo, stylized "R", term REALTORS® identifier (beneath the stylized "R"), sizes and colors.
This design will be used for:
Signs (including residential and commercial listings for sale or lease)

Design entries with any firm name other than "Admiral" (as shown, do not capitalize).

Design entries with improper size, color and scale of the required stylized "R" shall be eliminated.

The term REALTORS® identifier is recommended but not required.

Any typeface other than NAR's recommended typefaces specified above.

Any color other than the four specific colors specified below.

Futura Black, the typeface used for the stylized "R" in the block "R" logo, should never be used in adjacent copy.

Stylized “R” must sharply contrast in color with the rectangular background and be the same color as the fied on which the rectangular background appears.

The term REALTORS® identifier must always be a solid color that contrasts sharply with the stylized “R” above. With one exception for use of NAR’s official colors (Blue, Gold and Red), the stylized “R” must be the same color as the field on which the rectangular background with the term REALTORS® identifier appears.

The rectangular block "R" logo and term REALTORS® identifier should not appear in a light color while the stylized “R” is dark.

NAR has adopted as its official colors Blue and Gold and strongly encourages widespread use of these colors in combination as a means of making the appearance of the REALTOR® Logo uniform and prominent.

Red color may only be used in design entries with the term "COMMERCIAL" (capitalized).

If the stylized “R” appears in White, then the rectangular block must appear in Blue, Gold, Black (or Red if COMMERCIAL), regardless of the background on which the block "R" logo is being displayed.

If the stylized “R” appears in Blue or Black, then the rectangular block must appear in White, regardless of the background on which the block "R logo is being displayed.

If the stylized “R” appears in Gold, then the rectangular block must appear in Blue, regardless of the background on which the block "R" logo is being displayed.

More than four colors should never be used to display the design entry unless those four are Blue, Gold, Red or Black as specified.

Colors to use in the design:

Use only the following Pantone / Hex Color Code / RGB colors:

Blue (official NAR logo color): PMS 293 / #0047BA / 0 71 186
Gold (official NAR logo color): PMS 873 / #95774D / 149 119 77
Red (for "COMMERCIAL" logo only): PMS 186 / #CF142B / 207 20 43
Black: PMS Process Black / #000000 / 0 0 0

Briefly describe your contest

24"x30" Real Estate Yard Sign (hung off standard 4"x4" post) THIS IS NOT A LOGO CONTEST