Hatchwise entry #2317589 by creative designer Mark Atkinson


In their words:

"This client asked for a vintage-retro feel for a clothing label with fonts that are not normal. I wanted to create a design in a vintage illustration style that elevated an apparel range to a perceived price point. The colouring is natural and akin to the outdoor feeling we want to convey to the discoverable market that wanted to say they are Canadian with and associated with the lumberjack. The hand-illustrated typeface is a nice touch that creates a refined and aspirational look. Two colours have been used in this design and it can also translate into a one colour design and can be used on any coloured background, the flexibility of an apparel design must be versatile so it can go on all elements of clothing and peripherals, screen printed, embroidered and in any applique style which this design accomplishes."

This is one of dozens of custom designs that our talented creative community made for this client.
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