Naming Contest

Name with an available .com for kids education company

by kmuch

kmuch is looking for a new Naming, and they're offering $150.00 for the best entry.


kmuch Contest Holder
They have decided to try NOT to offer this to just kids, so we nee to move away from that. Updated notes: Words or word parts we like: lit ology campus space aca edge boost ad or add grad or grade log meter multi poly top post scrib super tech fit What are some obscure names of things like “Google” that we might use? STEM things, space objects, art-history items… Obscure, and hardly recognizable, but real The word must be easy to pronounce; it can’t be awkward to say What are some current youth slang words that we canincorporate into the name? “lit” “yo” “extra” “flex” “facts” “periodt” - End of statement emphasizer. For example: “That’s the best ice cream, periodt.” Maybe we put a random consonant like “t” at the end of a word, or use “odt” as a word part. is for sale for $25K. We’re not going to buy it, but we like the idea of creating a name using the “end-consonant-add” technique. “func” or “function” (means “party,” not sure if it’s appropriate)