Mindful Naming -a Naming Contest by kristenpachis05

Creative Brief

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Name of Contest

Mindful Naming

Describe your company and organization and target audience

I teach mindfulness and meditation to groups and individuals of all ages. I am one person, but enjoy collaborating with others who can enhance my students journey towards presence and awareness. I have a small studio that holds 15 ppl but also travel around the country working with other practitioners (social workers, Speach therapists, teachers, parents, yoga teachers, etc). I have worked in private therapy offices, companies, schools, alternative schools and yoga retreats. Up to this point, I have been operating under my name (Kristen Pachis) but I'm looking to brand so I can create a website and app this year.

What do you need written

I would like a name that embodies the simplicity of what I do. Something people will take seriously but has a tinge of cleverness. One or two words or even initials of words or a phrase that stands for something meaningful in the meditation and mindfulness industry.

What do you not want

For the name to be trendy

Briefly describe your contest

"Mindful" naming- Close your eyes and tap into your creativity...tell me what you envision!