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Global Art

by puertagrande

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Name of Contest

Global Art

Describe your company and organization and target audience

We have founded a company to sell high-quality handcrafts via an App. Our e-commerce solution will incorporate a selected group of artisans who produce all types of artwork, such as sculptures, paintings, mats, clothes, etc. The App is going to use state of the art technology to take 360 degrees photography for the customer to be able to look even at the tiny details of the piece. The vision of the company is to help those people in need that dedicate their entire life to produce amazing pieces of manual art. The App not only will help the artisans to show and sell their work, but also will help them to price the items correctly. We will begin to launch the App in Mexico and then move to other geographies. The artisans will need to pass a quality check to guarantee that their products comply with the standards of the company.

We are constructing a market place where you can find all these exquisite details you may be looking for to decorate your room, your apartment, or your house.

What do you need written

We need your help to identify a brand word that communicates the concept previously defined. So far, we have not been able to find the right name for our App. There is a greek verb called Meraki, which is exactly what reflects our vision. It is a Modern Greek word that is used to describe when someone puts soul, creativity, and love into their work when they are truly devoted and passionate about something they believe. HOWEVER, the name is already used by a big tech company, and there is no web domain available with this word.

What do you not want

I do not want something cheap and vulgar

Briefly describe your contest

We want to invite all this passionate people that feel the art and recognize other's people efforts. Mainly those who care about people who surv