Naming Contest

Flash card study website

by Thrar

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congratulations to contest winner: not2shabby

Name of Contest

Flash card study website

Describe your company and organization and target audience

We are building a website for online flash card study. The site can be used to study vocabulary or other memorization-intensive material on a computer or mobile. Functionality is similar to the tool Anki, but online.

What do you need written

A name for an online flash card study site. The name doubles as the .com domain for the site and the company/product name. The site is aimed at committed students who want to make progress in their study. An ideal name should give the idea of a powerful and engaging learning environment, somewhere in between \'playful\' and \'boring\'. While there is some social interaction on the site, it is not considered a core element. The focus is to provide an efficient and easy-to-use environment free of distractions that is available anywhere, any time.

What do you not want

Business-like vocabulary like the word \'professional\' should not be part of the name; the product is aimed at personal users.

Briefly describe your contest

An online flash card study environment