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Hits Tech

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Describe your company and organization and target audience

We are an IT company that provide services that include but are not limited to: managed services, wireless networks solutions, hosted solutions, help desk, ect. We are resell parters for companies like: Meraki, Cicso, Citrix, VMWare, Dell, HP, ect. Are target audience is: local government, health care, small/medium businesses.

The design should have the following

Our logo means a lot to us ( as does our slogan) which I will upload. Our colors our green, grey/silver, and black. I want to stick to these colors because everything in our organization has these colors. I would like a clean and crisp (hope that makes sense) design on the front of the card. I'm looking to have a two sided card with the back side having something that is catchy. Here's a couple ideas that I have: 1) our mission statement states we have "ninja like IT skills"...so I was thinking maybe a cartoon ninja ( or something to that effect) on the back with some kind of catchy saying ( I leave this up to your creative ability - but make it cool dealing with ninjas and IT )...2) Maybe just the icon pact of our logo with something that makes the person say "hey thats cool" - basically I'm just looking for something that is professional on the front and catchy on the back side.

Also, I want the cards to have our employees name, title, email address, office and mobile number. As well our physical address needs to be on the card. (Address can be on the back is needed)

Other than that...have fun and create something great!!!

Briefly describe your contest

This is a contest to design a really cool business card for an IT company. This is going to be a double sided card. Looking to have that clean crisp d