Heartstart First Aid and CPR -a Brochure Design Contest by jrinehart25

Creative Brief

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Company or website name

Heartstart First Aid and CPR

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Many people believe that medicine starts at the hospital and on many occasions this is true; however, here at Heart Start we believe that medicine can start with you. We have partnered with the American Red cross; and with our ingenuity alongside their training program we believe that we can teach you the life saving techniques that could one day mean the difference between life and death.

Furthermore, we want to make these programs accessible to all, by making them affordable and by bringing the training to you. Instead of spending your time scheduling around training, allow training to be scheduled around your timetable, when it’s convenient for you.

Target Audience: Construction companies and small businesses

The design should have the following

Courses Offered:
Adult, Child and Infant CPR and AED
Adult and Pediatric First Aid
Child and Babysitting Safety
Emergency First Response
CPR for Professional Rescuers

Heartstart logo
and American red cross logo
link to website
Contact information: 720-474-4436

I posted an example. I would prefer the final product to be verticle; however, the information and feel of it is good.

Briefly describe your contest

This is a flyer that I would like to be able to handout to people as well as attach to emails.