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Forming Friendships Inc Community Center PLEASE USE THE LOGO THAT SAYS “nonprofit division”

by Kpetefish
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Forming Friendships Inc Community Center PLEASE USE THE LOGO THAT SAYS “nonprofit division”

Links to the website (not set up yet) ADDRESS OF FACILITY IS 10719 Buckeye Road, Festus, Mo 63028 phone is 314-297-0793

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Address is 10719 Buckeye Road, Festus, Missouri 63028
Phone: 314-297-0793

About Us: Forming Friendships Incorporated Community Center was born from the vision of Forming Friendships LLC, an organization providing Applied Behavior Analysis services to individuals on and off the autism spectrum. The more we worked with individuals with disabilities of all ages, the more we saw the need for safe, recreational places for people to go for interaction with others. Moreover, we saw the need for people with and without disabilities to interact together to promote acceptance and understanding of people with different abilities, skills and worldviews. Thus, was born Forming Friendships Inc Community Center--the nonprofit division of Forming Friendships LLC.

Purpose Statement: The purpose of Forming Friendships Incorporated—Community Center is to teach life and social skills through provision of experiential activities. We are a community center located on 10 acres servicing individuals with and without disabilities by providing opportunities for recreation, leisure, social and job skills. The staff uses positive behavioral support strategies molded by the field of applied behavior analysis to assist individuals in learning unknown life, social and job skills; staff at the community center are trained and understand how to teach social and behavioral skills to promote a functional, independent and successful life. Our hope is to promote acceptance of diversity by providing recreational opportunities and interaction for people with and without disabilities.

Mission Statement: Promote acceptance of diversity by bringing people with and without disabilities together through instruction and participation together in common interests, hobbies and activities.

Vision: People with and without disabilities will better understand, accept and appreciate each other’s perspectives and world views.

Target audience: service coordinators, professionals, parents who use state or personal money to buy memberships for the disabled. individuals in the gaming community. individuals who have dogs who like to go to dog parks.

services at the community center:

Activities in the Community Center building:
State of the art video gaming room emphasizing cooperative gaming. We have 2 large screen televisions equipped with all popular gaming consoles with games designed for 2-8 people to play together at a time. Many of the console games are “no hands” so individuals with fine motor issues can play with ease. We also have PC gaming available with desktops especially designed for both new and experienced gamers. Specialized gaming chairs allow for enhanced sound and communication through speaker systems to promote cooperative play. For individuals who prefer to watch, we have comfortable viewer seating and staff and peer mentors will introduce new players on how to play the games if desired.
Board game room with over 100 board games ranging from traditional board games to role playing games such as Magic the Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons and Warhammer. Games also include learning and instructional games such as “Hotel Diversity” and “Community Shopping”. We have a large 10 player tournament table allowing for side by side and across the table play for role playing or large multiplayer board games. We also have small round tables where 2-4 players can play the game of their choice. For individuals who prefer to watch, we have comfortable viewer seating and staff and peer mentors will introduce new players on how to play the games if desired.
Hobby and Craft room where individuals can work individually or in small groups to create various crafts and figures. These crafts may range from building Lego creations, building/painting model planes, cars or trains, creating greeting cards for individuals in hospitals and nursing homes to painting role playing figurines. For individuals who prefer to watch, we have comfortable viewer seating and staff and peer mentors will assist members in creating designs and crafts if desired.
Lounge and chill room where individuals can chill out on comfortable couches and just hang out, talk and watch TV or a movie.
Nature porch where individuals and groups can hang out in an enclosed open-air porch where they can survey the nature on the surrounding 10 acres. On the 10 acres, there is an 8-acre dog park and members can have fun sitting and talking watching dogs play and romp in the fields and pond.
Activities on the 10-acre Community Center property:
A fenced, enclosed 8-acre off leash dog park where the public can bring their dogs to play and romp across a variety of trails and open fields. Dogs are temperament tested prior to membership being accepted to ensure each dog is up to date on vaccines, shows no signs of dog or people aggression and is generally well-mannered. Membership fees for dog park are used fund the activities and supplies for the Community Center building.
An open-air pavilion with seating and Wi-Fi where individuals using both the community center and the dog park can come together to chat, have a soda or coffee and enjoy the beautiful panoramic views of the property.
Gardening plots designed for members who enjoy planting and caretaking of herbs, flowers or vegetables. Members who are interested in gardening can participate in job skills coaching programs involving selling their produce at the farmer’s market held on the property during seasonal weekends. Staff, volunteers and peer mentors will assist those new to gardening to learn how to plant and care for their seeds and produce.
Seasonal Farmer’s Market to be used as an opportunity for job skills and coaching. Members can grow and sell their own produce and keep the proceeds from their sales. Staff, volunteers and peer mentors will assist members in how to sell, count money, and learn associated business skills.
Small fishing pond to be used for catch and release fishing.
Volleyball, shuffleboard, corn hole, and other unique teambuilding outdoor group games.
Monthly specialized activities such as day camps, day crafting, board game tournaments, or day long “dinosaur excavations” where members work together to find dinosaur bones and then build the model together,
Skills and classes taught at the Community Center*
• Boundaries using the Circle Curriculum
• Diversity Basics
• Perspectives
• Accepting Others
• Anti-bullying
• Dating
• Online Safety
• Managing with Mindfulness
• Functional Communication Classes with words, pictures or assistive device
• Managing Tics
• Asking for What You Want
• Too Much, Too Little, Just Right©
*All classes are developed and taught under the guidance, consultation and instruction of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst or staff with specialized training in Applied Behavior Analysis.



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