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Founders of businesses are often skilled in what their business was founded around. That means for many business owners, creating a full-scope marketing plan and design may fall outside of their comfort zone. Before hiring an external marketing consultant to take care of this for you, you can explore other cost-effective options that can deliver you those same results, at an affordable price.

One of those options is starting a logo design contest with a company like Hatchwise. By the end of your design contest, you’ll be provided with a logo that you can use for your website, merchandise, signage, social media, and more. That’s exactly what a recent client of Hatchwise was looking for and that’s exactly what they found.

Learn more about Hell Bent Workshop’s logo design contest, and their experience with Hatchwise, below.

What Was Requested

Hell Bent Workshop is a blacksmith and leather craft artistry workshop. Previously, a friend of the client designed a logo that the client wanted to use as a starting point. This starting point was outlined in the creative brief, and it was the idea of a welding helmet with devil horns and a tail coming out of it.

The client also requested that one font be used for the words “Hell Bent” and another font be used for the word “Workshop,” as well as the colors red, gray, orange, and yellow. The client was open to seeing designs with other colors, except for pink.

It was important for the client to have a design that could be enlarged and cut out of steel for a backlit sign in the workshop, in addition to being able to use it for other merchandise and signage. Because of this, the winning design needed to look good in both color and black and white.

After providing these details, Hatchwise’s creative team got straight to work, and below are some of the top entries (and winning the design) Hell Bent Workshop received.

A Few Entry Comparisons

#2965062 by andersonture

This design took what the client input into the creative brief literally. The focal point is the welding helmet, with fire depicted in the center of the helmet. The helmet includes horns and a tail, as well as two separate fonts. The designer also included devil horns on top of the “H” in the brand name. The prominent color of this logo is black, and it can easily be enlarged, or printed in black and white or color.

#2964196 by Ngurahwidhi

Unlike the prior entry, this welding helmet is depicted head-on. The designer chose red to be more prominent than black in this logo design. The word “Workshop” is smaller than the rest of the brand name, which draws attention to “Hell Bent.” The design elements in this logo capture what the brand is focused on and the designer shared different variations of this design with the client so that the client could see how this design would look in different color schemes.

#2963191 by monstersox

While other entries were a more vertical design, this entry was a horizontal design. This provided the client with a different logo design style to compare to other entries. The words “Hell Bent” are written in a bold, strong, gray font. The welding helmet breaks up the words, with “Workshop” coming out of the helmet. Above the design is a piece of metal, further signifying what the brand’s focus is.

#2962361 by alpha-dash

At first glance this design may resemble other submissions, however, it is very different. This design looks less 3-D and because of that, it can easily be etched and printed on a variety of materials. The designer followed the design brief but unlike other designers, this submission included the date the company was founded. One other different element is that inside of the helmet’s eye shield are diagonal lines, instead of fire, which other submissions included.

#2962268 by Datotoro

While this entry includes many of the same features and colors as other submissions, the overall appearance is drastically different. The welding helmet is abstract, but even with the abstract design, it’s still clear what the company is focused on. The font choices are bold, and the designer still included horns, a tail, and fire, which were all creative elements the client was looking for.

#2961838 by monstersox

This may be another submission by monstersox, yet it looks drastically different than the designer’s other entry. This design resembles a shield, which also ties back into welding. Many of the features include intricate details, like the devil horns extending out of the welding helmet and the fire within the helmet. The designer included a variety of colors including red, gray, white, orange, black, and white which were all colors the client preferred. 

#2961704 by Husn Art

This entry played around with a different shape for the emblem to sit on. The features on the helmet extend outside of the crest and the designer included other versions of this entry so the client could see how this design would be printed solely in black and white as well. The font and lettering of “Workshop” are so small that “Hell Bent” becomes the focal point of the design. 

#2959860 by gigih28

Unlike other submissions, this designer opted to use other colors for the design that other designers did not. The usage of yellow, and the color of the welding helmet allowed the client to decide whether they wanted to explore colors outside of what they originally outlined. This submission provided a nice point of comparison for the client to decide what the winning design, and direction, would be. 

#2965061 by andersonture

Like other designers, andersonture also provided a few submissions for the client. This submission was different than the designer’s other entry. The welding helmet was gray, not black, the lettering included a shadow feature, the horns included a furry addition and the font for “Workshop” was written in yellow. While this wasn’t the winning design, this submission helped provide a different point of design reference to the client. 

The Winning Design

#2963180 by andsue

After 104 entries, Hell Bent Workshop was ready to choose the contest winner. This winner was andsue and the designer was awarded $140. What made this submission stand out was the strong design elements like font choice, color choice, welding images, and creative touches. This design also included when the company was founded, and the logo can easily be enlarged and used on a variety of marketing mediums. Every detail of this logo is well thought out and andsue’s design is the new logo of Hell Bent Workshop.

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