Logo Design Case study: Kappa Alpha Psi (KAΨ) Fraternity Incorporated – Gamma Alpha (ΓA) Chapter

We see a lot of contests run by clients here at Hatchwise but this one had us curious and stood out more than the others. Logo design contests are always fascinating since we love to see the different designs that are submitted to the contests, specifically the ending result that the client receives. Whether you’re a fan of art or not, there’s no denying that everyone appreciates a fine logo that represents a business and helps to build its personality. If you not only want to see some unique and artistic designs but if you also want to hear about the client and what their business does then continue reading. 

Here we’ll show you some interesting designs that will be sure to catch your eye as well as some interesting details about the client and their site. 

What Was Requested 

The process started with the client filling out a contest brief that described exactly what they were looking for and giving details about their company that they thought would help to give the logo personality. The client wrote down details about what the logo would be used for, and what they were looking for in the logo and they also specified what they didn’t want to be included in the logo. Hatchwise creatives thoroughly looked over the contest and gathered all the details before they got to work on the concepts to submit. 

The Entries Submitted 

The first concept that we see shown is a circle with two candy canes inside. The design is shown in a simple black and white design, with the features shown in black on a clean white background. This concept does an excellent job of tying small details together to create a beautiful yet simple concept that has character.  

This second entry goes in a different direction by using a couple of different shades of blue in the design. The colors stand out in a circle where we see a white bridge and a light blue sky above the dark blue that’s shown below. Underneath the circle, we see the company name in black and all of this is shown on a white background. 

The following entry uses red, white, and gold as the color choices. Here we see a red circle with two candy canes crossed inside and a setting around it. The company name is shown as well as a clock tower, a bridge, and knight’s armor inside the circle. The setting is gold while the letters are in white and the remaining features are shown in red on a white background. 

This creative opted to keep the design as simple as possible by only using a black and white color scheme. It shows the company name below a design in black on a white background. The black letters stand out and the symbol does, creating a design that’s clean and simple while also being stylish and classic. 

The next entry goes in a different direction using a dark red and cream color to create a unique design. The concept shows a circle and the inside shows details that stand out, with the fraternity name and remaining letters around the circle and inside it. The dark colors stand out against the white background and everything ties together to create a classic and interesting design concept.  

Winning entry submitted by Hatchwise creative Digiti Minimi

After they looked through the entries submitted to the contest the client settled on a winning entry to use as their new logo. The winning entry is shown above and shows a creative design. The design is a circle and candy canes while also displaying historical features that accurately represent what the logo is for. The design uses unique colors on a white background that tie everything together and include what the client requested. This winning entry represents the company well and includes important details to make a complete design. 

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