Featured Design Contest: ApolloSDA – Company Logo

We always love the opportunity to see design contests and see entries that have been submitted to contests that are run here on our site. We see a variety of unique and individual contests but this one, in particular, stood out amongst the others and we were intrigued when we saw the concepts submitted to the contest and the final winning entry that was chosen.

It’s always fascinating when we get to see what the client filled out in the contest brief in comparison to what was chosen as the winning entry and what design the client used as their new logo. Below we’ll go over all of this and more so that you can get the complete details of the contest. 

What Was Requested 

To start the process of getting a new logo client filled out a contest brief that described exactly what they were looking for and also gave some information about their company. In this brief, the client gave details about their company and they also provided some information about exactly what they were looking for and what they didn’t want in the entry. Hatchwise creatives then looked over all the information provided before they got to work on concepts to submit to the contest. 

The Entries Submitted 

This first entry shows a simple and classic design. The concept shows the company name inside of a square with a smaller orange square in the top right-hand corner. While the larger square and letters are in black the smaller one is in orange, standing out against the clean and simple white background. As everything ties together it creates a complete design while keeping it simple and sleek. 

This concept goes in a different direction by deciding to use a few different colors than the first. The second logo opts to use dark and light blue on a white background, keeping the logo colors simple while also embracing a unique style. The design shows the company name in dark blue underneath a design on a white background. 

This third concept also goes in a similar direction of keeping it simple by showing the company name on a white background. Over half the name we see an orange circle, comparing that to the dark grey letters and the white background. This design is basic and is small enough that it can easily be used on any marketing material. 

This next concept uses three different shades of blue on a clean white background. The design shows the company name in dark and light blue underneath an arch design that’s in color as well. The design has a strong personality and catches the eye with intriguing colors and complex design while also being minimalistic. The design has character while also managing to display what the company does clearly.  

The last entry that we see uses orange and black on a white background. There are two squares shown to the left of the design, one in each color. The company name is shown on the right side with half the letters in orange and the other half in black. All of this is shown on a white background with the letters in a simple font. The design is unique and keeps things simple overall. 

The Result 

Winning entry submitted by Hatchwise creative nosukar

After looking through all the entries submitted the client chose a winning entry and it’s shown above. This entry includes the same logo in two different versions, showing a white background and a black background option. The entry does an excellent job of showing what the company is, and what it does and it will help the company stand out amidst the other competitive business logos in the industry. The concept is kept simple by only using three main colors to illustrate the design and helping the details to stand out.

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