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Held by Mike A. in Banner Ad Design Contests.

Contest received 36 entries

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Mike A. picked a winner in their Banner Ad Design Contest Contest for
Their contest received 36 entries by 9 designers, it was viewed 957 times. They paid just $100.00 for the winning design.
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Peek at Design Brief:
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Slogans or taglines:
Mike A.- Project Coordinator
Service or product provided:
Current and new customers visiting
What is your target audience?
A small graphic for our homepage. We want this graphic to really draw attention so we are looking for high contrast colors that are complimentary to the existing colors on the site. Green, orange, blue, purple and red (or combinations) are options.
What should come to a customers mind when they see your logo?
No taglines
Is there anything you would not like to see in your logo?
A small graphic for our homepage. We will be consolidating two existing graphics (see attached image) into one slightly larger graphic. The new graphic will be approximately 1 1/2 times the size of one of the existing graphics. The new graphic cannot be any taller but it can be 1 1/2 X the length of one of the existing graphics. The new graphic will show the "FREE SHIPPING for 10 Cases of POS Paper!" at the top of the graphic. Then the graphic will need to incorporate "GUARANTEED Lowest Prices!" "Call us to beat any price!" on the bottom portion of the graphic.
How will the logo be used?
No taglines
The design should have the following:
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