Logo Design Contest for Kariba Horseboxes
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Held by Kariba in Logo Design Contests.

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Peek at Design Brief:
Name of Contest
Kariba Horseboxes
Slogans or taglines:
No information provided.
Service or product provided:
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The design should have the following:
I have 2 thoughts; either 1. A logo that turns the 'K' in Kariba into a horse's head eg the diagonal upstroke in K is the head, and the diagonal downstroke could be the body, fore leg, etc. Or: 2. The phrase 'Kariba' becomes the logo fashioned around a horse I want it to be distinctive so it's immediately recognisable as our brand, as this would allow just the logo to be used on the horse boxes, other products and promotional material. I don't mind if its in a cartoon or a humorous style, but it shouldn't be too complicated and there shouldn't be too many colours. Line drawings are fine
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