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Company or website name

Haley Gibson, Health Coach

Do you want any slogans or taglines on your logo?


Service or product provided:

As I Health Coach I will be working with people to provide them with nutrition knowledge as well as lifestyle goals to achieve in addition to better nutrition such as their career, relationships, spirituality and physical activity my website addres

Target audience:

Health minded people

What should come to a customers mind when they see the logo:

I want the logo to be welcoming and friendly but also something to inspire and excite others to work with me to achieve their health goals.

What should not be in the design:

I've seen too many lotus flowers, yin/yang signs, trees, and generic images.

How will the logo be the used:

It will be used on my website, my Facebook Timeline, my business cards, letter and envelopes and possible a banner and as a photo mark.

The design should have the following:

I would like to see different options, I do like the idea of a fun, font with some sort of abstract or other image, possibly something coming out from between my first and last name or above, under or to the side of my name.