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Design Brief:
What is the full name as you want it on your logo?
Do you want any slogans or taglines on your logo?
What service or product do you provide?
We are a new personal finance blog with advice, articles, and eventually paid content. Topics include retirement, investments, p2p lending, 401ks, etc. Please see www.cultofmoney.com for details.
What is your target audience?
The target audience is bimodal. One group is younger, focused on growing their career and income and saving money. The other is older with disposable income, but still conscience of their spending. Both are well educated, both college & grad school.
What style would you like your logo to be? Would you like unique text, an icon with the name included in it, an icon with the name next to it, an illustration, or a different style?
I'm leaving this to the designers, but I thought something like an emblem, character, or straight word mark may work well. May character on the left or in the middle? Don't know. I'll give feedback as to what I like and don't in the contest.
Do you want any specific ideas implemented into your logos?
I don't have anything specific in mind. I thought that perhaps a hooded or unhooded monk, something that looked like an old illuminated manuscript, but I really don't have anything in mind and I'm looking forward to seeing what you all come up with.
What should come to a customers mind when they see your logo?
As mentioned above, the current color scheme is borrowed from an older illuminated manuscript, but that can change easily enough. Colors currently are tan, brown, black, red, and maybe a golden yellow. You are the designers, so use your jusdgement.
Is there anything you would not like to see in your logo?
I'm not interested in crosses, churches or religous symbols. I don't want to offend. Also, nothing negative about cults obviously. I don't really want to see dollar signs either. It should be balanced male-female, show luxury and classic.
How will the logo be used?
Primarily as a website logo and in the header, but also on business cards.
Do you have any files or images pertaining to your contest that you want the designers to view?
No specific files. Feel free to look at www.cultofmoney.com to see what things look like now, but the header/logo I have now is the reason I'm here for a new one.
What format do you want your logo to be designed in (.ai, psd, corel etc..)
I will need a bitmap, something that can scale for the website, but also on a business card. I don't have any special applications to open them image with.

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