Copyright and Intellectual Property Issues  

Hatchwise processes lots of different entries for lots of different design contests and writing projects, and although we have many very, very ethical creatives, there is sometimes (as in any walk of life) the individual without any scruples that has no problem attempting rip off other peoples intellectual property.

One of the great things about Hatchwise is that unlike other internet based creative services, where intellectual theft can go completely undetected, Hatchwise is an open community and where better to spot plagarism than in a large community of experienced designers and writers?

If you are a registered creative, you can easily report an entry by clicking the (!) next to an entry when you are logged in. If you are reporting an entry in a contest you have not participated in the contest must be active to be able to report an entry.

The following applies if you are unable to report an entry using the Hatchwise system:

If you feel that something you own the rights too (it must be yours - not someone elses) has been used without permission on Hatchwise we would like to make you aware of the following:

  • Hatchwise is a independent 'middle-man' and makes no claims whatsoever as to the originality of any user-submitted content.
  • If you feel that a design of yours has been blatently copied by a designer on hatchwise you may submit a complaint via the contact form.
  • Please include the following in your message: your full name, mailing address, a phone number where you can be reached, the url of the offending design (here on hatchwise), proof of your ownership of the original design, this may include, but is not limited to: trademark registration numbers, copyright documentation etc...
  • Hatchwise makes no promises that they will act in any way upon receiving such a complaint
  • Hatchwise does not make decisions on "derivative" artwork, or claims of artwork being influenced by other artwork. Please only submit a complaint if you feel that your work has been directly copied.
  • Again, you can only submit a complaint if you are the direct owner.
  • By submitting a complaint you are giving us permission to provide the designer who you are accusing of plagarism your contact details so they can contact you.


  1. Be polite. It is not the fault of hatchwise staff that your material has been copied.
  2. Follow the instructions above to the letter, failing to do so may result in your request being deleted.


  1. Post in the project or anywhere on Hatchwise accusing anyone of anything. Such posts will be deleted.
  2. Send multiple complaints, or threaten Hatchwise staff in any way. This won't get you anywhere and doesn't really put the hatchwise staff that are trying to work with you in a good mood.
  3. Don't get too stressed out, we're here to help you and we're pretty good at it, if we say so ourselves. Relax - everything is under control.

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