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Viewing entry 36498 from the logo design contest for ETMG, LLC
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Entry 36498
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Comment left by jdb (the contest holder) on 2009-06-02 07:50:20
See comments on #497, we like all of these designs. We are going to review the tagline and verify that we want to go with that or make a minor change to the tagline. Please show me a red [magenta] and blak version of this same logo.
Comment left by jdb (the contest holder) on 2009-06-02 10:46:27

Our group would like to see a variation of this creative. Keep the ETMG the same in the box, and keep Association and Management at the tope and bottom. Add side frames for vertical words "Insurance" to the left and "Services" to the right bar. The words will now all create a frame around the square ETMG. USe this design for the changes. Please give us an option with the T and M in a dark red / magenta. Thanks for the effort.