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Viewing entry 500858 from the logo design contest for Effective Pricing Solutions Inc.
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Entry 500858
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Comment left by altafebrahim (the contest holder) on 2012-03-02 17:24:34
Thank you for your submission. I like this. I particularly like the arrow head on the S - could you resent this but a little bigger. also i am wondering how much of a cost difference it would be for something that is multi colors for printing vs 2 colors. i would think this design would be expensive to print. Just a thought out loud.
Comment left by 0274 (a designer) on 2012-03-03 02:23:06
thanks for fadeback.
actual difference in cost color printing and color it depends on usage 2.
If you use a printing course in use in brochures, banners, business cards etc..
And if you use two colors usually used in letterheads, stamps, notes, etc..

if you choose me as the winner I will give this file in a miraculous version, ie printing, two color, and black and white (grayscale)